“Art heals through directly engaging the mind, body and spirit.”
-S. Mcniff

The creative process deeply connects with mind, body, and spirit. We believe emotional conflict can be addressed, physical symptoms can be acknowledged and accepted, and our spiritual experiences such as hope and transcendence can be realised, all through attentiveness to one’s entire being. Eastern and Western philosophies are returning, inviting us to orient our lives around four harmonies.

Harmony with self
Harmony with others
Harmony with nature
Harmony with the sacred

Expressive art therapy integrates the use of movement, music, sound, image-making, creative writing, play, drama, storytelling and other practices to express emotions and thoughts. Many of these rituals come from traditions and healing practices handed down throughout cultures for millennia. 

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‘Somatic Ripples’ TRYPTICH 1. ‘Wound’ 2. ‘Soma’ 3. ‘Restoration’
Photograph / Embroidery by Mariangela Casotti.

These photographs were taken on the rugged beach sands in Denmark, W.A. They were stitched into as a response to the visceral somatic sensations I experienced while connecting to the patterns and debris left by the ebb and flow of the tides.

soma, / sauma / noun: The body as perceived from within by first person perception.