CReatE Therapy Through Arts

Healing of mind, body and spirit


CReatE Therapy Through Arts offers various modalities to help support clients in achieving their recovery goals in a safe, supportive and judgement free environment.

Eating Disorder Recovery
CReatE offers a holistic, person-centred, non-judgemental approach to eating disorder recovery using a trauma informed somatic framework and the expressive arts as a gateway to healing. Integrating the expressive arts through movement, sound, image making, creative writing, play, storytelling and rituals encourages curiosity, creativity and the expression of emotions. CReatE offers a safe space to help create a bridge from isolation and distorted thinking patterns to a connection with others and a reconnection with the authentic self.
Body Image and Self-Esteem
Low self-esteem can interfere with various aspects of life such as work, relationships and wellbeing. Symptoms of depression, anxiety and other psychological disorders can result. A negative body Image increases the risk of developing weight control behaviours and eating disorders. CReatE through the expressive arts can provide a gateway to explore emotional distress helping you connect with inner most thoughts and feelings without the need for verbalising them ultimately reducing anxiety, building self-esteem, towards body acceptance and wholeness.
Trauma and PTSD
Many experience symptoms such as anxiety, memory loss and dissociation associated with traumatic circumstances and events. Traces are left in memories, emotions, and bodily experiences. Expressive Arts therapies help identify and ameliorate the body’s experience of trauma, not only in altered thinking but in various somatic experiences, and help explore, externalise, process, and resolve negative thoughts associated with trauma. CReatE adopts current best practices in trauma informed care using the expressive arts to assist in trauma reparation and integration.

Workshops and group sessions will be offered periodically and announced on the website. Workshops will be offered focused on expanding our circles of capacity and expanding our window of tolerance to help more effectively cope with distressing reactions and disruptive events. This will increase the capacity for action, empowerment, mastery, and confidence. Body Image and acceptance workshops will be offered with guests sharing lived experience of overcoming eating disorders.

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Consultation Fees

Individual sessions are $155 per hour or $200 for an extended session of 75 minutes

NDIS Self and Plan managed clients WELCOME


Sessions are person-centred and without judgement. Modalities are individualised for each client and their presenting issues. Sessions are kept confidential and professional. No-show or late cancellation (less than 24 hours) fee does apply.

Your appointment is important to us, and we ask that you respect our time as well. All fees are to be paid at the conclusion of each session via Apple Pay, cash or bank transfer.